What is the standard delivery time?

  • Guateng – customers will only receive same day delivery if the order is placed before 8:00 during the week.
  • Outside Gauteng borders – as long as the order is placed before 8:00 during the week and a truck is travelling to that region, then the customer will receive their delivery the following day.

How large must the order be for delivery?

A minimum order of R1000 must be placed to receive same day service. Should the order be less than R1000 and we are in your area, you will still receive same day service. However, should we not be in your area then you will either have to collect the order or wait until our truck makes a delivery in your suburb.

What are the payment terms

We usually operate on a COD basis.

How are the products delivered?

We have an entire fleet of refrigerated vehicles at our disposal, ensuring the product arrives at your door as fresh as when it left our facility.

How are the products packaged?

All our products are labelled and branded. The packaging is dependent on the stores requirements, e.g. vacuum packing, various weights, bulk orders, etc.

Do you sell to the public or only stores?

We only sell to wholesalers, retailers & distributors.